Sigi's story

Sigi was born and raised in Iceland, where she spent her free time living on a farm or training for the heptathlon.

When she was 17 she left Iceland to travel the world, eventually landing on the shores of Norway. There she worked her way up to managing a chain of clothing stores.

During this time, however, a deep yearning grew inside her that she needed to help people and work more with her hands.

Eventually, she broke away to forge a new career path, undertaking a number of diplomas, one of which was a diploma in biontology. Soon after she began to practice as a biontologist and then later added massage therapy to her bow.

After a number of years practicing in the health industry, she was still not able to 'scratch that itch'. She could not shake the desire to take her treatments to an even greater level. The confines of business and working for others seemed to inhibit her ability to truly express herself within her treatments.

Having children brought a natural break to her work, at which point she decided to completely change the way she treated.

In 2017 she started work again, this time no longer as a therapist - but instead embraced a totally new way of thinking.

Sigi has 3 children, is married to an Englishman and lives in the beautiful countryside of Sussex, England.

The way Sigi works is extremely unique. Using her hands she tunes into the bodies' energy field and emotional state. This bypasses all logic, body restrictions, and understanding. She is able to tune into these emotions and understand their pathways and reasons for being present.

Sigi is instantly able to gauge the needs of the body by just being at that level within the body. More and more her sessions involve emotional release and deep freedom from painful experiences.

Since the energy field and emotional state do not require verbal communication, she is able to work on horses just as effectively.

Her treatments follow a similar style to that of a massage, where she rubs the body with oil. However, this is where all comparisons between the two stop.

No session is alike, each evolving and adjusting to the needs of the individual. The concept of having a diagnosis and symptom managing based on that diagnosis has no place in Sigi's world. Sigi goes straight to core issues and gently encourages them to break free.

Sigi is the most genuine, warm and loving person you will ever meet. She stops at nothing to give herself completely to the freedom and advancement of others.

She is a true treasure and a rare person indeed.

Portrait of Sigi Lower