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Release the emotion, heal the pain.


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Holistic therapy

Sigi has an amazing ability to tune into the bodies' energy field and emotional state. This bypasses all logic, body restrictions, and understanding. She can then use this information to release various blocks ranging from energetic to emotional.

£85 90 minutes


In a similar way to her holistic therapy, focusing on the horse's energy field means Sigi can often find issues that are not apparent during a general observation of the horse. As a result, Sigi is able to release deep energetic blocks with fantastic results.

£75 60 minutes

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Consultations offer a more relaxed but purposeful framework for people to share their stories. Frequently within her sessions, Sigi releases emotional blocks. Having time to reflect upon these emotions and formulating a plan to let these emotions go can be hugely beneficial.

£50 60 minutes


Biontology uses a sophisticated machine to deliver light into the body. Using the machine we can measure the frequencies of various elements like heavy metals, bacteria, and/or viruses.
By matching the light's frequency with these elements we can affectively neutralise them and therefore rid the body of such elements.

£70 60 minutes

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Sigi's story

Sigi was born and raised in Iceland, where she spent her free time living on a farm or training for the heptathlon.

When she was 17 she left Iceland to travel the world, eventually landing on the shores of Norway. There she worked her way up to managing a chain of clothing stores.

During this time, however, a deep yearning grew inside her that she needed to help people and work more with her hands.

Eventually, she broke away to forge a new career path, undertaking a number of diplomas, one of which was a diploma in biontology. Soon after she began to practice as a biontologist and then later added massage therapy to her skill set.

After a number of years practicing in the health industry, she was still not able to 'scratch the itch'. She could not shake the desire to take her treatments to an even greater level. The confines of business and working for others seemed to inhibit her ability to truly express herself within her treatments.

Having children brought a natural break to her work, at which point she decided to completely change the way she undertook her sessions. She wanted to give more time and attention to the emotions/traumas that often arise in a session and talk through specific plans to help such emotions/traumas.

In 2017 she started work again, approaching her work in a whole new way.

Sigi has 3 children and lives in the beautiful countryside of Sussex, England.

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